Z Wave Binding and Fibaro Door Sensor


last week i have installed openhab2 (2.2 with the latest z wave binding snapshot) on my raspi with an z wave usb device as controller and - for now - with two devices for testing (spirit z wave thermostat and fibaro door sensor 2). I have no problems with the thermostat, but the door sensor doesn’t work as expected.

I can include the door sensor as a thing and i can link the required channels to items. After a few manually wake ups the items had correct values (temperature, door state and battery state). Everything works fine for a few hours (temperature was reported every 5 minutes with an threshold of 0.2, door open/close state was reported immediately). But after a few hours i doesn’t receive open/door close states and a new temperature is only reported every 3-4 hours.

I have already completely removed the device and reinstalled everything, but with the same results.
I have looked through the logs, but i didn’t see anything corresponding to this problem.

Any ideas what could cause the problems? Or any hints how i can narrow down the problem?


Since 2.2 was only released yesterday, you must mean a 2.2 snapshot. Some of those later builds were a bit sketchy. I don’t know if it could be causing the issue, but you might want to get onto the 2.2 release.

By correct values, do you mean when opening and closing it was reporting correctly, or just the once after initialization completed?

I suggest debug logging the zwave binding, filtered on the node in question, while opening and closing the door while it is not reporting.

Yes it is a snapshot version (version from last friday).

the first one, the opening and closing was reported correctly and immediately without delay.

ok - i will try it after work and check the results.