Z-Wave binding / Difference between wakeup interval and refresh_interval

Hello guys,

I am constantly learning to set up my OH1 environment. I successfully integrated some Danfoss LC-13 thermostats. Now I am wondering about two different intervals. In HABMIN I can configure the wakeup interval of this device. Default is 300. In the item configuration I can define another interval, the “refresh_interval”. Are there any differences between these two intervals? I assume the refresh interval means polling the device and the wakeup interval means, the device pushes data to the controller?

If this is right, is a refresh interval really necessary to define?

Correct - this is a software timer inside the binding, and it sets how often the binding will request data from the device…

No. The wakeup interval is the period between wakeups. When the device wakes up, the controller can send data to it for configuration purposes etc. Note that since the controller can only poll the device when its awake, setting the refresh_period to shorter than the wakeup period won’t make any difference to anything.

Normally there’s another configuration in the device to set the period at which data is sent, but this is device dependant.

Generally, I do not recommend polling. For most devices, there is a configuration for the device to send data unsolicited and this should be used.