Z-Wave Binding does not support discovery?

I’m trying to use a custom-compiled version of the Z-Wave binding (so I can contribute code to it), but the Paper UI says “Binding does not support discovery.” (The log file says, “No discovery service for binding id ‘zwave’ found!”) I’m willing to believe I screwed up something during the build process, but I’m hoping someone can point me towards a place to start looking.

I’m running on raspbian on a Rasberry Pi. I’ve got an Aeotec Z-Stick with several devices already included (that worked with an OpenHAB 2 setup I did several months ago).

I did a fresh install of openhab2-offline, version 2.0.0~b3, via the beta release apt repositories. I have a git clone of the OH2 zwave repository, which I built with a simple mvn clean package. I copied the resulting .jar into /usr/share/openhab2/addons. I had to install the openhab-transport-serial feature via the console, after which the zwave binding started and I pointed it at my Z-Stick. The logs show that the binding is communicating with the Z-Stick, but it’s not making the nodes available as Things.

Where would you recommend that I start looking to figure out what might be going wrong?

I’m not sure I can say what you’ve done, but it does support discovery.

I figured it out. :-/ I needed to use the snapshot OpenHAB2 packages, not the beta ones. The beta release doesn’t appear to have a definition for the ExtendedDiscoveryService interface, so it was failing to load the ZWaveDiscoveryService class.