Z-Wave binding & remote Razberry?

Hi. I’m starting to migrate my existing home automation to OenHAB 2.0. One of the current ‘gateways’ I’m using is the Razberry z-wave board on a Rasberry. However I’m connecting via IP, thus using the Z-Way JSON interface. I can’t seem to find that possibility for OpenHAB. Does it exist or must I run OH on the same Raspberry which has the daughterboard?

There was a recent release of the Z-Way binding. I don’t know if it uses JSON or if it works at all, but you can give it a try.
Other than that, there’s serial-via-IP solutions or yes, you can run OH on that remote RaZberry and need to establish inter-OH communication using e.g. MQTT.

The purpose of the Z-Way binding is to integrate the Z-Way system into the openHAB system. It does not matter which Z-Wave Controller (Razberry, UZB, …) you are using - the prerequisite is that it works with Z-Way.

The communication is done via the two HTTP interfaces of Z-Way (ZAutomation and ZWaveAPI) and the REST interface of openHAB. So openHAB and Z-Way can run on different devices/hosts.

The binding is not yet in the official repository (not released). Therefore, it is not yet installable via the PaperUI. But you can install the binding manually. The necessary information can be found in Getting Started

@pathec That’s very good news, and a good job you’ve done. I prefer this setup so I’m not bound to the physiclal hardware and can place the server & Razberry everywhere I like.

So as I understand i won’t be missing anything when switching from my raspberry with razberry and openhab to my homeserver with openhab and raspberry with razberry and z-way?
And i can control/edit my devices at runtime of z-way and openhab?
Would be great as z-way is better for zwave-configuration as the zwave binding i think… and i can use openhab on “real” hardware (one micro-sd card already broke last week)

Yes, you can use it like that, but no, that’s not necessarily a great solution. I can’t and don’t want to say anything bad about it, but it’s beta SW, it’s another layer to increase complexity and it’s not in widespread use, so very few people will be able to help in case of problems. A dedicated RaZberry to run OH has advantages over a “real HW” homeserver, see this thread.
And you’re missing this point: if your SD card crashes on the Z-Way RaZberry, you’re just as out of luck and functionality (all ZWave will be gone …) as you are today.
Better take action to avoid and to mitigate SD problems. See this post. Then to run OH without Z-Way on a single system is fine, too. I’m admittedly also using Z-Way at certain times (to remove bad nodes from my controller) and need to shutdown OH/ZWave binding while doing so, but it’s in just acceptably rare situations.

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The devices can be controlled and openHAB is notified of status changes, but it is currently not possible to configure devices. The configuration should be done via Z-Way. However, the inclusion of the devices with default settings is also possible without Z-Way.