Z-Wave bulbs... none to be found

A few years ago there where several options for Z-wave bulbs. Today I can’t find a single one. What’s going on? Is Z-wave being phased out? (I hope not)

My preference for z-wave is the frequency band, since it won’t be affected by the very noisy 2.4G spectrum.

I guess there was a general hype about zwave some years ago.
Afaik zigbee was developed especially for control of lights and bulbs aso so is now preferred again.
You should check zigbee devices, I think also other frequences than 2.4GHz are possible.

I suspect the cost that comes with Zwave certification makes bulbs too expensive to produce compared to the competing technologies.

Related to cost, the bulb versus switch tradeoff is uneconomical (IMO) if multiple bulbs are on a switch.

Z-wave have one chip supplier. The “standard” is opened up, but I have not seen any competitors.

I run both z-wave and zigbee. New devices are more and more likely to be zigbee as time goes by.

As for cost; You get what you pay for.
A “zigbee” device without the “Z” logo is most likely junk.
And even with the “Z” logo the cheaper devices are prone to firmware bugs and shorter lifespan.
I really do not want to dig out the long ladder to change (or even worse; reset) that cheap outdoor bulb in -15c.

So in practice, I have payed the same for both z-wave and Zigbee devices.
For lightning all new devices have been Hue for a couple years now.

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