Z-Wave config of Fibaro Smoke Sensor (FGSD-002) not working for OH2 2.0 stable release?

Hi @Chris, I know you are super busy with the secure update of the binding, but I noticed that the Fibaro Smoke Sensor is not correctly working in 2.0 (stable). It seems not to communicate correctly the battery_level channel and I can’t get any alarm on/off states. I noticed a few things:

  • In Habmin, the channel for battery_level (I presume) does not show up correctly, see screenshot below, as if the battery_level is not known to the system.

The strange thing is that in Habmin the channel seems to be known somehow as “zwave_device_0b89f2cb_node67_battery_level”, see screenshot:

  • same in paper-UI, the SmokeSensor does not show the batter_level:

My setup is a RaspberryPi with openhabian and release 2.0 (stable), I am trying to configure the channel with:

Number SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_battery “Mezzanine: Battery [%d %%]” (Sensors) {channel=“zwave:device:0b89f2cb:node67:battery_level”}

All alarm channels seems to report only “-”, I did not yet manage to debug if this is actually as well a problem or just because this is a battery powered device ?

Please let me know if I need to update the binding or what I can do get the battery level working in this configuration.

Some progress here, the channel is called battery-level, not battery_level, which I used by mistake. I am still not getting any reading from it, it seems that the channel is not in the list (http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/129)

Still investigating.

Hi @chris and @CodingHarry,

Harry, I think you are pointing out the same issue I was trying to point out here. My assessment is that with the 2.1 snapshot binding most of the smoke sensor actually works, only that the battery channel is not in the DB, as I pointed out above. I hope that Chris will find some time to fix this soon. Setting the channel up in Habmin actually works (just not in the .item files), I do get a battery reading (100% as my device is new) after the next wake up.

On the fire, heat, system and battery alarms - I am actually not sure from the Fibaro documentation how to make them send an OFF once they gave ON as an ALARM. My observation (for the heat alarm) is that it sends the ON==ALARM, but then stays ON even if the temperature drops below the heat threshold. So I put “reset” switches on my sitemaps to acknowledge the alarms. I did not go deep into debugging the z-wave binding traffic to verify this is not a problem elsewhere, I have my troubles with the Fibaro documentation I have to admit. With the temperature sensor, once the first reading after wakeup comes in, things seem to work and I get the updates. Attached a screenshot.

If useful I can post my configurations here…

Sorry - I missed this thread…

It looks like it’s there to me -:

As above, it is in the database. Also, didn’t you say that you just spelt it wrong -:

Doesn’t your screenshot show a battery level? Or have you manually set this to show 100%?

Notifications look like they are configured ok for this device. I have however changed the way that this works in the development version so hopefully this will work better once this is merged.

Notifications should reset, but it’s worth noting that they are reset as a group - so all heat related alarms will get reset to say there are no further alarms, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the alarm is gone… Basically, there’s no way to read the actual state of the alarm which in my opinion is a shortfall in the protocol, but it’s not something that can change easily as it would require an uprev of the standard (I’ve already had this discussion with the Alliance).

Hi @Chris, yes, the battery-level channel can be manually connected in Habmin to an itemn which is why I am getting the chart. But if I try to do this in the .items file with:

Number SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_batterylevel “Mezzanine: Battery [%d %%]” (Sensors) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:battery-level”}

this is ignored. I do not understand the details on why that is, but I noticed that you didn’t annotate the battery with the channel name, see first screen shot and as well the device summary.

For the notification, this is a switch == ON/OFF, I use a mapping file to give it a nicer look (OK/ALARM), sorry I should have said this. You are saying you changed this in dev ?

On the alarms, I think this is actually for the smoke sensor ok if it does not reset. If there is an alarm, one wants to make sure it is seen and can then be manually reset (for all 4 of them). Only that I was trying to use the heat alarm for something different than fire detection, but that would require it to return ON as well as OFF.

Sorry - I don’t understand what you mean by this. The image looks ok to me.[quote=“Elsing, post:5, topic:26007”]
You are saying you changed this in dev ?

No - if you use a mapping file then this is up to you - I can’t change this. I’ve just changed the way notifications are handled in the dev version to better link notifications to channels.

Hi @Chris, sorry for not being clear, my problem is that the item declaration:

Number SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_batterylevel “Mezzanine: Battery [%d %%]” (Sensors) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:battery-level”}

is being ignored, such that I have to do it in Habmin by clicking to make the channel connection to the item. Is there a way to debug this from my side ?

Thanks, Markus

PS: I will see how I can help @CodingHarry in another ticket he opened.

Ok - I don’t think this is “me” that is ignoring it ;). If the system hasn’t read in the configuration correctly, then the UI won’t display it, but that doesn’t make it a problem with the UI…

Maybe the channel type should be system.battery-level? This channel is not a zwave channel so I’ve not defined it.


no, it’s not you, @chris !!!

Good point, I find the system.battery-level channel name when searching in google on openhab pages. Though in paper UI it says battery-level, see screenshot. I’ll try it later never the less and report back here.


hi @Chris, I have to apologize, I think I confused things. The channel is battery-level and if I try to delete it from habmin UI as the active channels of the smoke sensors, it says it is read only == it comes from the .item file. So my config actually seems to work:

Switch SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_smokealarm “Mezzanine: Smoke Alarm [MAP(SmokeAlarm.map):%s]” (Sensors, Alarms) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:alarm_smoke”}
Switch SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_heatalarm “Mezzanine: Heat Alarm [MAP(HeatAlarm.map):%s]” (Sensors, Alarms) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:alarm_heat”}
Switch SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_batteryalarm “Mezzanine: Battery Alarm [MAP(BatteryAlarm.map):%s]” (Sensors, Alarms) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:alarm_battery”}
Switch SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_systemalarm “Mezzanine: System Alarm [MAP(SensorAlarm.map):%s]” (Sensors, Alarms) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:alarm_system”}

Number SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_temp “Mezzanine: Temperature [%.1f °C]” (Sensors) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:sensor_temperature”}
Number SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_batterylevel “Mezzanine: Battery [%d %%]” (Sensors) {channel=“zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:battery-level”}

I noticed that there is an inconsistency in my config after re-starting OH2, it seems there is a “ghost” battery-level item that is linked to a channel of the previous nodeID manually (I excluded/included the smoke sensor to see if I can fix the issues some time ago):

2017-04-23 00:24:44.734 [ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent ] - Link ‘SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_batterylevel-zwave:device:3272f26c:node70:battery-level’ has been added.
2017-04-23 00:24:45.075 [ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent ] - Link ‘SmokeSensor_Mezzanine_battery-zwave:device:0b89f2cb:node69:battery-level’ has been added.

In summary, I think the Fibaro smoke sensor is working in 2.1.snapshot which I am using right now.