Z-wave CONFIGURATION Command not working in sitemap

hello, I have a command parameter 5 that sets a siren sound

I’ve set up an Item

Number Siren_Sound "Siren sound" { zwave="8:command=CONFIGURATION,parameter=5" }

And have this in my sitemap

Selection item=Siren_Sound mappings=[1="Door bell", 2="Classical tune", 3="Slow 4 note tune", 4="Two chimes with pause in-between", 5="Complex upbeat tune", 6="Another upbeat classical tune", 7="Loud emergency siren", 8="Loud emergency horn", 9="Medium-patch fast beeping", 10="Medium pitch slow beeping"] label="Siren"

This doesn’t appear to forward the command to the controller.

Node 8 is working fine and I can set this parameter via the Habmin UI to change the tone.

Do you use OH1 or OH2?


As I know, this is not working in OH2
Number Siren_Sound “Siren sound” { zwave=“8:command=CONFIGURATION,parameter=5” }

must be something like:
Number Siren_Sound “Siren sound” { channel=“zwave:device:15a7a49f3a6:node2:notification_send”}

Which siren do you use?


Looks like I need to have the configuration channel added. It’s not clear how to do that in the database however.

Which siren do you have?

The dome wireless siren in the database link

send xml file of the siren to chris from .\OpenHAB2\userdata\zwave

To know which file, go to habmin and configuration/things to know z-wave node-ID

Thanks. I’ve been updating the database I just can’t seem to get how to add the CONFIGURATION command. I’ll open a ticket on the database. Thanks!

I have a different siren, but should be similar

Switch Siren01 “Alarm Sirene” { channel=“zwave:device:15a7a49f3a6:node2:switch_binary” }
Switch Siren01_Set "Siren01_Set"
Number Siren01_Sound “House Sirene [%d]” { channel=“zwave:device:15a7a49f3a6:node2:notification_send”}

rule "Siren01ChangeSound"
Item Siren01_Set changed to ON
logInfo(“SIREN”, “Sirene Sound Police Car is played”)
sendCommand(Siren01, OFF)
sendCommand(Siren01_Set, OFF)

Hey Paul - were you able to get this working? I’m trying to accomplish the same thing, and I’m running into similar challenges. I’m also using OpenHAB2 with the Dome Wireless Siren.

Is there a channel defined in the database for the config item you’re trying to change?

I’m a little confused about this. I’m interested in the resolution because I have a couple Dome sirens that I haven’t set up yet…

In the case of the Dome siren, the Primary and Secondary Notification sounds are set using config parameters 5 and 6, respectively. How does one update a config parameter from within a rule, as there is no channel to which the update can be sent?

So I actually created a separate thread about this, which is more specific to what I’m trying to do - but the underlying challenge is the same. I’ve provided additional detail about the channels and configuration parameters in that thread, so it’s probably best to not repeat them here. Changing Configuration Parameters from Sitemap

To answer your question, I’m still new at this, but no, I do not think there are any channels defined in the database for the configuration parameters. Pleas see the details in the other thread though, because you may see what you’re looking for, and I may be missing it.

Thanks for your help!