Z-Wave configuration parameters have vanished

The configuration parameter, association groups, etc. for all Z-Wave devices have vanished in the MainUI.

I tried (soft) rebooting, but it didn’t help. Any ideas?

Version of OH? Recently upgraded? Anything in the logs?

openHAB 3.1.0-1

No recent upgrade. I looked in openhab.log but didn’t see anything that seemed relevant.

Since nothing changed software wise something must be going wrong from some other cause. Be sure to clear the cache and do a full reload of the browser. Then try a full restart of the machine. If that doesn’t work try clearing the cache which will force a reinstall of the add-ons.

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Bingo. I tried Firefox (I’m using Chrome), and the parameters appeared normally. I restarted Chrome, but the problem persisted. I deleted openHab cookies and reloaded the page on a fresh tab, and the parameters reappeared.