Z-Wave Controler Shift

What is the best way to switch from a Z-Wave USB Stick (ZMEEUZB1) to a Z-Stick Gen5+ ?

Exclude all of the devices from the ZMEEUZB1 through openHAB, so that you can be certain they’re properly excluded. Then include them to the Gen5+.

You can keep your existing items, but you’ll have to update the channels after adding the new things, since the device IDs will change.

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I was hoping there was a method to transfer the data from one stick to another. According to the following post, it seems to work. Does this approach not work safely or has any disadvantages?

Maybe? That’s a five-year-old thread, and I’ve only been here for three years. I don’t recall any recent discussions that include this approach as an option, but I don’t read every thread.

If you click the link in the post you referenced, it seems that the shift was not carried out in openHAB, but using a separate tool (Zensys).

I don’t see any mention of “Z-Wave controller shift” in the binding documentation. If you can’t find anything in Main UI, then my guess would be that openHAB doesn’t have this feature built in.

So you could try it using the steps described, but in those old posts it sounds like it was not straightforward.

Also, if you’re using a Raspberry Pi 4 as your server, Gen5+ sticks usually need to go through a USB2 hub. I don’t think is an issue with anything other than the RPi4, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

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I don’t think it can be done in OH. However, it can be done with the either the Silabs PC controller or the older Aeotec Zwave backup tool. It depends on the zwave library of the sticks.

Edit: both are PC applications


There is also another free Software called “Zwave Cloner”. It can be downloaded from here. The developer is Sebastian (Sattaz).

It’s an easy to use software - the only disadvantage is, that it runs only on Windows systems. With that software I was able to switch from a ZMEEUZB1 controler stick to a Z-Stick Gen5+ from Aeotec by saving a backup of the old stick and restore it to the new one. This was possible, because both sticks are using the same chip - so far as I know.

@Sattaz But I had some problems to install the software on my windows 10 system. The virus scanner from Avira has blocked the installation, because it detected malware in the setup file. I think, this was a false alarm, but it would be nice, if @Sattaz could check this.


I wrote a long article on that here: [SOLVED] Unresponsive Z-Wave Network: Tools and Approaches to track down the issues

Thanks, @drhm for the link of the Zwave Cloner. I did’t know that. I have also added it now to the article above.

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Thank you too for your nice article.

It seems, that your first two links to the backup software from Aeotec are no longer valid. It maybe, that the following links to the web archive are helpful instead:

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