Z-Wave controller started crashing out of the blue

As of a couple of days ago, I’ve been having major issues with Zwave on my OpenHAB installation and so far, no amount of software updates, driver updates etc has helped.

I woke up over the weekend to find that something had died at approx 2:40 AM as none of my graphs were updating and none of my zwave plugs were listening to on/off commands, the zwave controller itself (a new z-wave z-stick gen 5) was also showing a ‘bridge error’ within OH.

I tried restarting the service and the OH debug log was constantly scrolling with what looked like looping text where by it was trying to send PING/ALIVE requests and getting something else back. Also, nodes kept showing as ‘initialising ping’.

I thought I had made progress today bu opening the zstick up in zwave controller and re-clicking ‘get info’ on every node as all the node classes were missing however upon plugging the zstick back in to my server that runs OH, I’m now getting I/O errors followed by something restarting but it ends up being an endless loop.

I read in the forums that I/O errors can be related to USB port or driver issues so I have tried changing from the servers onboard USB port to a separate USB3 controller and I have also swapped to a different driver for the zstick but the issue persists.

Can anyone offer some insight as to how I can resolve this issue?

p.s. I have uploaded some logs here (16MB file): https://axerite.com/files/openhab/openhab.log

Have you tried plugging the z-stick into another system to identify if it is an issue with the motherboard or the z-stick?

Also side note I believe there is an issue with USB3 ports and the gen 5 z-sticks from Aeon, could be recalling a different issue it was with folks using the Raspberry Pi4 when it first came out.

Does the LED on the stick stop blinking when this happens?

I’ve put the z-stick in another computer and launcher ‘Z-Wave PC Controller 5’ without any issue but I can do that on my server too.

I’m not seeing any difference in behaviour between the onboard USB and USB3 add-on card in my server either.

I’ll need to check on that, I know when things were behaving, the stick would flash different colours.

It’s not blinking at all at the moment :open_mouth:

If it stops blinking a few minutes after a reboot, you have possibly been struck with the aftereffects of a zombie node, but that problem did not have any I/O errors in the log, so it might not apply to you.