Z-Wave Danalock v3 through ZW075

I am trying to use my 2nd Danalock V3 Z-Wave a bit further away from my OH2.5.0M1 server and tried relaying through a ZW075 (0003:004b / FW3.26) Z-Wave Plus plug.
The first Danalock is close to the controller, it works fine. I set up the 2nd one and it worked fine close to the controller.
But moving it away somehow does not get it into reach of the network, even being in the same small room with line-of-sight to the working plug. From the description, the plug should support beaming, so I thought it should work as a router for a secure lock. Or what could be the problem? I tried healing, and also waited a night to see if the general 2am heal-all event would change something.

Answering my own post here: After excluding and re-including the plug, then waiting for one night for the healing, it seems like it did now actually connect. So I can confirm that it actually works, but needs some patience.

Sounds very odd to me, that you have to wait that long… Thats not typical for z-wave.

Just as an add-on info, I already had waited for a whole night before but that did not help. That’s why I just assume it was the ex/re-inclusion that did the trick.

I find if my zwave network changes then the danalock again needs one or even two nights to become properly connected to the network.

Oh well, I guess its as good as it gets atm. I am really looking forward to 802.11ax TWT locks that don’t need these special low power networks anymore.

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Have you tried talk to others with Danalock about this? It really should be like that, in my opinion.
Unfortunatly I havn´t got a Danalock to try myself. But I´m pretty sure, this is not a normal behaviour of the lock.

I am resigned to the Danalock being kinda flaky - it’s just how it is…