Z-wave database: add permundo devices

Can somone add the Permundo devices to the Z-Wave database?

You can find the manuals here (in German):

I think the PSC132ZW might have already been added.
Still missing:

  • PSC152ZW
  • PSC102ZW

BTW: how can I update the Z-Wave database on my local openhab2 installation? Do I have to wait until the database is released with a new openhab2 release?

Thanks for your replies.

Anyone can add a device, and it will usually be available in the next build of the zwave binding. The methods for updating a binding depends on the method of installation and version of OH you are running. What is your setup?


OK I have registered and requested permission to add to the database.

I Installed the latest stable release of openhab2 locally on my macos. how can I update the z-wave binding?

If you have a manual installation, then you can download the latest snapshot version of any bundle and copy the jar to /opt/openhab2/addons and it will install (uninstall any other version you are running first, and remove from addons.cfg if you’ve manually updated it). I also have a manual install, but I grab the latest development zwave binding from here…

Until it’s merged, I recommend using this version. Both the development version and snapshot versions get regular database updates.