Z-wave Database new entry requested


I would like to request an entry in the Z-wave database for the iBlinds module. I’ve successfully added it to the OpenHAB system but it shows as an ‘unknown device’. The XML file ‘network_eb076be0__node_4.xml’ was generated but not the node4.xml file like the other working network nodes. Thanks!


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Just to note that this doesn’t matter. The node4.xml file format is the old file and is not used in the latest binding - only the longer “network” files are created.

So if I’m understanding you correctly the network xml file is the one I need for the database and a ‘node4.xml’ file will never be created. Can I have access to the database to create create my entry? Username is same as here (mrspawn99)



When trying to add the iblinds module using the xml method I get a

" Warning

Manufacturer 0287 is not known! Please update the manufacturer database and try again."

error. The database guide does not cover this error. There is a comment from 2017 where someone had the same error but no solution is identified. Is there another database I need to update?

I received the following response from iBlinds. I’m not sure if this will help someone update the database correctly so I’m posting for informational purposes.

" Hi​,

iblinds is a Z-Wave Plus Certified Device - https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/2486

\ 160x160 Z-Wave Product Catalog - Window Blind Controller

An intelligent Z-Wave blind motor that installs out of sight in existing Horizontal (2" and 2 1/2" slatted-style) blind headrails. Use iBlinds to tilt the slats open, closed or use the value slider for precise positioning of the slat tilt angle.


and OpenHab supports Z-Wave devices so I am certain iblinds will work. I believe the issue is since iblinds is a brand new product no one has created an entry for it in the OpenHab database. Sorry, we don’t have OpenHab so we have been unable to create an entry for everyone. ​

Please try checking the OpenHab community or OpenHab support for assistance. ​

Here’s some information you may need for the OpenHab database.

Supported Command Classes - cc:5E,85,59,86,72,5A,73,26,25,80,70

Command Class Association Group Info V2
Command Class Association V2
Command Class Basic V2
Command Class Battery
Command Class Device Reset Locally
Command Class Manufacturer Specific V2
Command Class Powerlevel
Command Class Switch Binary
Command Class Switch Multilevel V4
Command Class Version V2
Command Class Z-Wave+ Info V2

Product Details

Z-Wave Specific Device Type: Window Covering - Endpoint and Position Aware, CLASS_B_MOTOR_CONTROL

Z-Wave Generic Device Type: Multilevel Switch
Z-Wave Role Type: Listening Sleeping Slave

Manufacturer ID: 0287

Product Type ID: 0x0003
Product ID: 0x000D

If you or OpenHab supports needs any additional information, please let us know.



I’ve added this to the manufacturer database.

I am a beginner could you help me by telling me how I get to that folder through ssh?

If you need to add a device to the database the guide is here.


That has nothing to do with folders & ssh though. Perhaps you wanted to create a new thread with your issue.

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