Z-Wave Device added to Database, how to get it working in Oh2 instance?

Hi there,

i am currently using the lastet stable oh2 on my computer using latest Ubuntu.

It works fine, but i just bought a device that wasnt in the device list for the zwave binding. So i uploaded it into the database and it was already confirmed. But how do i get this data into my system now?

I am pretty sure it will come with so further update, but i dont want to wait, if its not needed. So i got the device.xml but the question is - where to go with it?

Thank you for your help


Hi there,

thank you very much. Okay that looks complicated, and because i dont need the device instantly i guess i better wait.

Is there a normal time on how long it works from getting a device into the device list (has been checked and approved already) to the moment, that openhab stable has it in?

Or should i better go to a nightly? How long does it take there?

Thank you for your help

Stable releases are only done twice per year, so this is the limiting factor.

Normally a couple of days - I try and do updates two or three times per week - depending on how many updates there are to the database.

Hi there,

wow thats really quick. Thank you for the fast reply, i switched to nightly now and will wait for the plugin to be updated.

If it gets inserted into the normal release, i might switch back to that, but until now i didnt get many problems with nightly. Dont even know why i switched back to stable :wink:

I´ll mark this as finished, thank you all for the help!