Z-Wave device association MCO Home

Can you post a link to the manual?


Interesting. It definitely would suggest AG numbers of 0x01, 0x02, 0x05, 0x08, and 0x0B (11).

But, that manual for the “MH310 Series” seems to contradict the individual manuals for the 312 and 314.

I also looked at how the AGs are defined in openzwave. openzwave matches the manuals for the 312 and 314, not the “MH310 Series” manual…

I’m at a loss about this.

Well on the positive side of isn’t me going crazy and that I am learning.

Can I change by editing the XML on my local system to test.

It definitely isn’t you. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about that.


I have a contact within MCO so I will pose the question about the grouping as through testing it would seem that they are not correct. If they confirm the DB is incorrect I will get them to update.

Thanks for your help so far I will update when the manufacture comes back to me.

To confirm I have been in contact with MCO Home and the database is wrong. I will look at updating the database with the correct groups as currently they are way off.

Thank you Mark for pointing me in the correct places to find out the reasons for the failure.


@jonathanb - Hi Jonathan - did you get the association groups to work?
I have some MH-S314 and find that I can get button 1 to sync a few times if i press and wait but then it fails to report if i press and then press again quickly. I have factory defaults.
Then later by itself it will start to sync again when pressed.
I wonder if it is the controller, but they should work without the controller I think.
Might be trying to activate a scene but that is disabled as far as I can tell.
Have you had any problems since?

Sorry I missed this drop in. I managed to get the associations to work fine but you have to program them. Once programmed they work fine when the controller is offline.

No worries, I almost missed your reply (spam folder). Found that problem went away with OpenHab. Was a problem with open zwave in Home Assistant. Powering up the Aeotec stick with a phone charger worked also so Hass is doing something that gets in the way of association groups.

Great to hear. I was almost going to use home assistant but chose OpenHab instead. Glad I mad that choice. After the work on the DB the MCO works fine.