Z-Wave Device Unknown No XML file for the thing in zwave folder

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: OpenHabian
    • openHAB version: openHAB 2.5.0~M1-1 (Milestone Build)
  • Issue of the topic: I added a new Zwave thing after verifying it was in the database before buying it and it shows up as Unknown and doesn’t make an XML file for it.

Everything I have read says check the database which I did. It is there and is supposed to work with “All Versions”. It is a Zooz ZSE40 VER 2.0 4in1 sensor. I add it as a thing no problem other than it is unknown. The instructions I read said to get the info out of the XML file in the zwave folder and there isn’t one. Nodes 1-10 all have files but the newest, node 11, the 4in1 does not.

Steps to troubleshoot?
Things I have tried that do not work:
Reviving the sensor
Power cycling the sensor
opening and closing the sensor
Deleting and adding the thing
Reset device to factory and re-including it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Have you tried waking up the device - it’s a battery powered device, so you will need to manually wake it up to allow it to complete initialisation. Check the manual for how to do this - there’s normally a button press or something similar.

Yes, I pushed the button, it flashed blue and went back to slow blinking red. That is what I meant by revived it.

An you’re sure that this sends a wakeup message or a NIF?

Do you see the wakeup (or NIF) being received by the binding (ie in the logs)?

Sorry - I’ve not heard that term before.

I let it sit overnight and now it is a known thing. The first sensor I bought also did this. Thanks for the help.

That very likely means that the button you were pressing is not waking up the device. It is worth noting that making a device do something (eg opening a door on a door sensor so that it sends a notification) is not the same as a wakeup. A wakeup is a very special message - the device will periodically send it by itself (normally every hour, or 6 hours, or daily) and this is likely why it sorted itself out over night.

I am glad it sorted itself out. The instructions for waking it up is to push the button one time. The light flashes blue once. I did and it did many times and it didn’t take. Thanks for the help!