Z-Wave device "ZRC-90 Scene master 8 button remote" not working


I use some Z-Wave devices (switches, lights) which I was successfully able to integrate in openHAB2 (2.5.3-1 running on intelNUC with Ubuntu 18.04.4) with a “Z-Wave USB Stick with Serial Interface” (zwave:serial_zstick:c1e3ee5d).

I bought a “ZRC-90 Scene master 8 button remote” and want to use it just as 8 remote buttons which I want to integrate in openHAB to control other things (I’m not interested in using the ZRC-90 as a controller, just as Z-Wave remote buttons - I want to use my already running controler to control the ZRC-90).

As far as I understand the ZRC-90 manual, I need to run the device in the “Z-Wave Learn mode” which I activated on it and try to link it to openHAB in the following way (with PaperUI):
a) ZRC-90 factory reset (pressing “R” button for 10 seconds and than then triple click “R” button)
b) ZRC-90 set to Learn mode (pressing “L” button)
c) Scan for new Z-Wave things in openHAB
d) openHAB Found device “Z-Wave Node 014: ZRC-90 Scene master 8 button remote”
e) adding this search result as a thing to openHAB
f) openHAB shows two Channels: “zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14:scene_number” with type “Number” and “zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14:battery-level” also with type “Number”
g) Created two “Linked Items” for these two Channels
h) The paperUI “Control” shows this thing with both values (“Scene Number” and “Battery Level” as -NaN).
i) When pressing one of the “Scene buttons” on the ZRC-90, the “Battery Level” changes immediately to 100% but the “Scene Number” remains at -NaN and does not show the Scene Number which corresponds to the pressed button. The LED on the ZRC-90 is flashing rapidly 6 times, which indicates an error regarding to the ZRC-90 manual!

The openHAB events.log shows this entry while doing the scanning for new Z-Wave device and linking the Channels to the Items:
2020-03-26 05:29:01.564 [home.event.InboxAddedEvent] - Discovery Result with UID ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ has been added.
2020-03-26 05:38:24.089 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from UNINITIALIZED to INITIALIZING
2020-03-26 05:38:24.097 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from INITIALIZING to OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE): Controller is offline
2020-03-26 05:38:24.102 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE): Controller is offline to UNINITIALIZED
2020-03-26 05:38:24.115 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from UNINITIALIZED to UNINITIALIZED (HANDLER_MISSING_ERROR)
2020-03-26 05:38:24.125 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from UNINITIALIZED (HANDLER_MISSING_ERROR) to INITIALIZING
2020-03-26 05:38:24.133 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from INITIALIZING to OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE): Controller is offline
2020-03-26 05:38:24.143 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ changed from OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE): Controller is offline to ONLINE
2020-03-26 05:38:24.161 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ has been updated.
2020-03-26 05:38:24.163 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ has been updated.
2020-03-26 05:38:24.165 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ has been updated.
2020-03-26 05:38:24.166 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ has been updated.
2020-03-26 05:38:24.171 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ has been updated.
2020-03-26 05:38:24.178 [vent.ConfigStatusInfoEvent] - ConfigStatusInfo [configStatusMessages=[]]

The openhab.log show the following entry:
2020-03-26 05:29:01.564 [INFO ] [g.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Added new thing ‘zwave:device:c1e3ee5d:node14’ to inbox.
2020-03-26 05:29:07.058 [INFO ] [ommandclass.ZWaveVersionCommandClass] - NODE 14: Command Class COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC has version 0!

After pressing the first Scene Button on ZRC-90, the follwing entry shows in the events.log (no entry in openhab.log):
2020-03-26 05:47:07.272 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - ZWaveNode014ZRC90SceneMaster8ButtonRemote_BatteryLevel changed from NULL to 100

If I press again Scene Buttons, no more entries in the logfile occur.

How can I configure openHAB and the ZRC-90 device to be able to get the number of the pressed Scene Button as an item in openHAB to consume it there (e.g. to control other things with it, e.g. with openHAB rules)?

Btw. I’m a beginner with openHAP.

Thanks in advance,

I use the device to run scenes, I have items declared like you:

Number SceneController1_Scene “Scene” {channel=“zwave:device:6c269b9b:node18:scene_number”}
Number SceneController1_Battery “Battery” {channel=“zwave:device:6c269b9b:node18:battery-level”}

Then I have the following rule which is required to generate the automagic. Note that right now I only enable button 8 but you can change the if statement to check all numbers and do different stuff,

rule “Scene Controller”

Item SceneController1_Scene received update
val Number Scene = (SceneController1_Scene.state as Number)
// logInfo(“scene.rules”, "Scene " + SceneController1_Scene + Scene )
if (Scene == 8.0)
logInfo(“scene.rules”, “Turning off all Lights and Entertainment for Bed”)

My Scene items does update to the number last pressed though…

I’m on 2.5.0 M1

Here are my attributes…



I see the last heal was a year ago. I would delete the Thing (do NOT exclude) from openHAB and rediscover to get the latest binding changes from 2.5. The device will keep the same thingid so all items and rules will work as previously.
That database entry was last updated earlier this year.

Oh mine works fine! Was just giving Frank some config…

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If he is in a different A-Wave region, his device attributes would be different. As I said though, binding database for that item was last updated earlier this year. Your device is not using the latest binding changes.


thank’s for all your hints. The problem was, that I needed to trigger the “W” button one to initiate a (new) wake up. After that, I receive the correct scene number when pressing a button. I thought, after initializing the device, do the inclusion and also received the correct battery state, that the buttons have to be also just work… now I know, I have to play around a bit more in case devices will not update their states, before I ask these type of questions…

Here I want to summarize the result, it may help other beginners:

Existing openHAB2 setup with a Z-Stick as the only (primary) controller and would like to integrate a ZRC-90 8-button-panel just as remote buttons. The existing controller functionality of the ZRC-90 should NOT be used (no devices should be added [inclusion] to the ZRC-90 itself).


  • Reset ZRC-90
  • Do an openHAB2 (Z-Wave) search
  • Press “L” Button on the ZRC-90 (to link it with Z-Stick and not using internal controller)
  • After thing was found, channel and item created in openHAB2, press “W” button on ZRC-90

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