Z-wave devices in inbox without having new devices

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0
    • latest z-wave binding (installed app. 4 month ago)
    • configuration->system->inbox->auto ignore->enabled

My issue is that I was going to add another smoke detector (Fibaro FGSD-002) to the z-wave network. I already have 7 integrated (among other devices). When starting to integrate the new sensor two z-wave items showed up. Both of them being FGDS002 smoke detectors. I deleted both from the inbox and took out the battery from the new sensor. I did search for things with the z-wave binding again. Again I saw two new smoke detectors (the new one still being still without battery). I did not add them. I then checked the status of the things in paper ui. All smoke detectors were online. Also the network graph (also including: sirene, thermostats,…) shows no lost thing (see picture above). Next action was to check the status FGDS002 wrt. controller communication at the device. According to that result, two smoke detectors were not showing glowing green LED. Glowing green LED indicates direct communication to z-wave controller (see manual). All other do show glowing green LED. These two detectors only showing all colors in sequence. If no connection is established it should glow red (see manual). Now I added one of the FGDS002 from the inbox (new FGDS002 still without battery). Assuming that I can establish a connection to one of the two detectors indicating wired LED signal. Although the newly integrated detector is reported online (still online after two days), both detectors do not indicate communication with z-wave controller. Both still show blinking LED with all colors in sequence if initiating the range test at the device (magenta menu).
What is going wrong with the online status and detectors being or not being connected to the z-wave controller? How can I find out which two detectors really causing the additional things in the inbox?

In my experience not all devices show on the graph. This past weekend I removed a phantom “Unknown Device” from my controller. Some nodes were trying to route through int. I only discovered it by looking at the neighbour entries on each node. IT did not show up in the graph even after setting it up as a Thing.

The graph does not show routes… it only shows which devices respond when a device yells “who’s out there?”, which happens during a heal. TMK there is no way to truly visualize the actual routes.

This happens sometimes… hopefully less often with a newer binding. You’ll need to find out which is functioning and then delete the other. Sometimes you need remove the device from the controller, which the binding can do, but not very well, so you might need to use other software. If they support it, always include your devices using mains power. The initialization will go much quicker. Otherwise, you will need to manually wake the device up several times. You also may have some gaps in your mesh. Node 2 looks to be a bottleneck. Mains powered devices act as repeaters to help route other devices.

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True, bit 2 nodes “saw” this node 12 that did not exist except on the controller. Node 12 did not show on the graph.
I ended up using Zensys tools to remove the node from the controller. Chris had suggested adding a Thing & marking it as failed, but that did not work.

I have also two of these FGDS002 and encountered also problems to get them fully included.
I got also several ghosts in basic UI.

What I found was that a single click on the “B”-button did nothing, I tried a single click and after a short pause a triple click.
After doing this I got several entries in the log and after a few repeatings they were fully included and the ghosts gone.

Before that I struggled for days without any progress …

this botton clicking is a good diagnose feature. One can well detect which one has issues.

I used Z-Wave PC-Controller 5.38 downloaded from (last item)

Using my PC I was able to get rid of the ghosts by using the feature: remove failed of the software.

The ghost are gone now. However, I deleted one node that was not connected anymore. That one I can not include anymore (next story**).

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