Z-wave devices loosing Lifeline, associations and themselves entirely


I am experiencing issues with OH 2.4 stable and the z-wave binding.

The issues I am having is fundamentally about the z-wave network itself. It seems that associations, like like lifeline association between the device and controller, is lost between reboots. Once in a while.
And, lifeline associations is sometimes set to node_1_1. While I do enjoy home automation I do not enjoy resettings the basic associations on my network.

The other issue I am seeing is that devices are being lost from the network and marked as offline. It is like a disease and it spreads across the network.

I think I have somewhere north of 60 devices, and my home automation time is now basically spent resetting associations and re-including offline devices. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Hi Fredrick, what binding version are you running of the zwave? There were changes done by @chris to fix the association, that you, and many others including myself experienced. Since those changes, zwave has been very solid for me.

I would recommend updating to the 2.5 snapshot binding release which works just fine on 2.4 stable (same as what im running)

Hope that helps

Sorry for the newbie question. Can you point to some help to install a snapshot version and where to get it?

Looks informative


Meanwhile I managed to update bindings using the console. which works fine. But every now and then the “old” bindings reappear and everything gets mixed up. I used the console/karaf to uninstall the “old” 2.4.0 (stable) bindings. Any trick on how to get rid of these bindings eternally when using an updated version?

You may have an old version in /usr/lib/openhab2/addons