Z-Wave: Devolo MT2756 Flood Sensor - Missing Channels

Hi all!

I own two Z-Wave Devolo MT2756 Flood Sensors (0175 - 0002:0021) controlled via the Z-Wave binding. In the XML file and in the thing’s configuration parameters I see that a battery channel should exist, but that doesn’t show-up in thing’s channel list. I already tried to update CD-Jackson’s database, but without success.
Any ideas how to get the battery values? It would be useful to see if the device is able to report the 20cm water gauge in my cellar :slight_smile:


  • Dirk

I can’t see any reason why the battery channel wouldn’t exist - as you already said, it’s listed in the thing definition file.

What did you try and update exactly? I don’t immediately see anything wrong with the definition, but if something isn’t updating then I’ll take a look.


I uploading the node*.xml file to your database, you (or somebody else) verified it and the DB should have been updated. But unfortunately I can’t see the channel.

BTW: I can see that the BATTERY value is being received in the zwave debug log.

Thanks for the quick response!

Generally, just uploading an XML to the database will not normally change anything. The only thing it could do is to update the device type/id.

As you already said, it’s in the channel definition file already, so I wouldn’t expect any change anyway :wink:

The only thing I can think of is to delete the thing and add it back again so we are sure it picks up the correct database.