Z-Wave : Error 0x5 at src/windows/termios.c(889): Access is denied

I’m running OH2 on a Windows PC and if I reboot the box with the Z-Wave Controller plugged into the USB Port I get an error in Karaf “Error 0x5 at src/windows/termios.c(889): Access is denied.” and the logs report that the “Controller is offline”.

If I reboot the PC with the Controller unplugged then plug it in, I’ve no issue.

Any suggestions?


Bit more info:

  • Running OH2 as an App (not a service)
  • Device Manager sees the Aeotec Z-Wave Controller as on-line just fine regardless of how I boot
  • If I boot with the Z-Wave controller in and then unplug, replug, then run OH2 I still get the error. The only way not to get the error is to boot without it plugged in.

It’s almost like something else is locking/grabbing the Z-Wave controller on boot (COM6)

Because there are significant changes in the serial area, you’d probably best report openHAB version and Java version.

Openhab - 2.5.7 Snapshot build #179 (but it was happening on 2.5.6)
Java - Oracle V8 Update 251 (build 1.8.0_251-b08)

May be this helps to identify if and what process is locking the COM port: https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000P8CLSA0

Thanks @Wolfgang_S It does not look like any other service is grabbing the Port. Process Explorer shows that java.exe is using “usbser” (the Process Handle I’ve got for the Aeotec Z-Wave stick) when all is working.

If I boot with the Z-Wave stick in, Process Explorer is reporting there is NO matching items using “usbser”

Is there anything that is reported in the Windows Eventviewer that could give a hint ?

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