[Z-Wave] FGR-223 Shutter position working?


I am thinking about buying a couple of FGR-223 Roller shutters, however I have read that the device is not reporting the state of the roller shutter after movement. Does anyone have the device with a current firmware (>= 5.1) and can confirm that the device sends the current position after movement (manual or through openhab).
Thank you!

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Did you get any information about this?
I’m about to buy FGR-223 FW 5.1 along with UZB1 Z-Wave USB key.
Are they working reliably with Raffstores
-venetian mode
-slats angle (Lamellenstellung)
-position feedback und movement through physical keys
-possibility to upgrade firmware of z-wave devices?

I have both FGR222 and FGR223. They both works for me in venetian mode and other modes. Slates angle works as desired. I had some troubles detecting a state after a movement but after disabling “Command Poll Period” - the work as a charm.

Though I don’t control them via assiociations nor s1/s2.

I have some FGR-223 FW 5.1 now, and I’m trying to get them working.
Openhab 2.5.3

These are the problems I’m facing:

  1. Position doesn’t get updated correctly
  • immediatly after starting movement it gets updated (only if Command Poll Period is set)
  • it doesn’t get updated if I disable “Command Poll Period” in Thing Parameters
  • if i click stop in paperiu-control it gets updated
  • if i close and open control again the value is wrong, even after clicking stop
  1. Calibration works using Parameter 150 “force device calibration”, but the parameter doesn’t updated to “device is calibrated”

Those all sound like they could be device firmware issues. Without debug logs as outlined in the binding documentation we can only guess.

Here are the logs

or should i upload them?
I’m currently trying with node 3

(Sliders are working, edited my previous post)

Until our experts arrive, the log viewer may provide some insight.


Thank you.

I forced a new calibration,
Now movement seems to work, even updating position and slats after using S1/S2.

But the issue with Parameter 150 is still there.