Z-Wave FGS-223 Problems


I’m currently trying to work with the Fibaro FGS-223 Double Switch 2. OH2 is working on openhabian and I have a Z-Stick gen5 from Aeotec. I found the Z-Stick in the Paper UI and added him to the things. After that I found the switch aswell and added him. But when I change to the switch then it’s written that it’s a “Unknown Device”. Also when I try to add a item to switch the FGS-223 there is no reaction.

How can I change, that OH knows the Fibaro Switch?


Some devices need to be included repeatedly. They only send a fragment of their identification meta data with each inclusion process. Try to reapeat the “add things” process several times by putting OH inclusion modes (“Configuration / Things / + / Z-Wave Binding”) and tripple-pressing the “tamper” button at the device. After three may be four repeatations you should be all set.

You mean the “tamper” button on the z-stick or on the switch?

The tamper button on the device. Bring your device into close proximity of the Aetoc stick befiele inclusion. I haven‘t had good experiences with bringing the stick to the device and using the button on the stick.