Z-Wave Fibaro wall-plugs are "lost" one by one

I have several Fibaro wall plugs FGWPE/F-102 ZW5 and for some reason they are disappearing from my zwave network. For example, one was lost yesterday with status offline, COMMUNICATION_ERROR. When unplugging and plugging it in again, the led-ring is red, i.e. the same color as after a factory reset and as it seems not associated with the controller anymore.

It is not broken because I can do a factory reset and include it agan into my network, but this leaves the old node in the controller and I have to use something like the zensys tools to remove it since for some reason it doesn’t work to remove dead nodes from within OpenHAB.

Anyone else using these devices and have experienced the same type of problems?

I’m on OH 3.1 and use an Aeotec Z-stick Gen5 as controller.

OH 3.1 as well, one FGWP102, one FGWP101. No issues so far

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Firmware 3.2 had a bug that would do this in some specific scenarios. Fibaro did say they would fix it but if you have 3.2 it could be your issue.

@robbert found a test to reproduce.

Even if Fibaro have fixed the only way to get a new firmware if using one of their controllers or sending plugs to Poland.

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Indeed I have the same issue. It looks like some kind of NVRAM corruption, that can only be fixed by hard reset.

I don’t have a 100% reproducer but found that a lot of state switches (automatically scripted helps) will sooner trigger the issue. Also, having ‘poll after’ enabled seems to make the issue happen more frequently. If you still have this enabled, try to disable this and see how it goes. The issue will still be there but maybe it results in a workable situation for you.

I’ve contacted Fibaro early last year about this. They have acknowledged the issue and said they were working on a fix. I’ve repeatedly asked for updates, but they have not been able to make their promise (that I know of) and finally failed to respond to my enquiries. I finally gave up and decided to never buy Fibaro again.


Ok, then it’s not only me. I have 20+ plugs so currently it’s not an option to replace them all but I will definitely not buy any more from them :slightly_frowning_face:

I can live with a hard reset, it doesn’t take that long to rediscover but it disturbs me that it’s not possible to remove the zombie-nodes from the controller using OH.

Ah, ok. I do have a HC2 in my second home so I will try that the next time I go there.
Looking at it right now I have two dead plugs in that installation also. Looking at it from remote all currently working plugs are on 3.2 so I will definitely try to upgrade. Sounds like a tedious job to remove all plugs from OH, add them to HC2, upgrade firmware, remove them from HC2 and finally add them to OH again…

Crap - 3.2 is the latest…

Yeah, was afraid of that. You could try contacting them yourself of course, maybe they will listen to you, but don’t get your hopes up too much.

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The G (UK) version does not have the issue so you would think that it would not be hard for them to fix the issue.

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At least I got a reply from Fibaro:

We would like to apologize for the inconveniece as the described situation is indeed cumbersome.
We would like to assure you that we are trying to verify and test all issues that are related to our products.
Just recently we have introduced a fix which resolved a problem with adding Wall Plug HomeKit caused by differences implemented in different versions of iOS.

Z-Wave devices are also important for us and will do our best to have the mentioned problem resolved as well.

As soon as a reasonable solution is found, we will notify our users properly. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a specific date when this will happen.

Thank you for your patience.

A bit funny that the technician starts to talk about a totally different problem with their product and how great they are that have a solution in place. I couldn’t care less.

What a useless answer. Unfortunately these kind of responses seem to be typical for Fibaro. It’s a shame really.

Another one crashed a few days ago. It was a bit different since it didn’t go offline, but the local on/off-button wasn’t working anymore and it couldn’t be controlled from Openhab either. I decided to try something different and got a few of these - hopefully they will work better than the Fibaro-junk.