[Z-Wave] Forest Shuttle curtain rails

Hi @chris ,

I added the BeNext motor controller using the XML from openHAB, but upon submitting the form I got the following error:

1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '95,1,1,2034)' at line 3

The device did get added to the database but clearly something went wrong at some point so I wanted to let you know.


The database entry is incomplete. The error messages show you what is missing.

After you request review for an entry, it gets approved. Periodically (usually once a week) the database is exported to GitHub. The Snapshot build process then builds a new binding with the updated database entry. That binding can then be manually installed.

Manually adding xml to your binding is not generally recommended.

There is an error there somewhere that I’ve not been able to track down. The entry should still have been generated though and it should be in the database.

I usually see that error too.

I have sent BeNext an email for additional information about this Z-wave module… for instance any configuration parameters, but it doesn’t seem to have any.

However, they did tell me that while they are the manufacturer of these modules, when sold as part of the Forest Shuttle rails (which is the case) these Z-wave modules should have been programmed to use the manufacturer id of Shuttle (519) instead of BeNext (138).

That leads me to this existing database entry from Forest which seems to be the same device as the newly added one from BeNext. Apart from the manufacturer id.

I am not sure if this makes any difference for the database… but I do find it a bit weird that an ‘incorrect’ manufacturer id is used, so I sent my supplier an e-mail to clarify.

@chris are there any plans to release a new snapshot version of the Z-wave binding with an updated database that includes the BeNext Forest Shuttle device? Or is there any other way I could make this work with the current version?

Thanks again!

The last export to GitHub was 6 days ago. there will likely be another this weekend and then a subsequent binding snapshot build.

The database is generally updated weekly. as Bruce said, there was an update yesterday.

Some time has passed. I am about to buy a Forest Shuttle L with Z-wave rails. Did you get everything working as expected? Are you happy with it?

Hi @lsiepel,

Yes I did manage to get this working. It turned out the motors were shipped with the wrong Z-wave modules, with a different manufacturer ID and intented for use in other devices. After sending me replacement motors with the correct Z-wave modules, everything worked as expected and setup was very easy. Having the Z-wave modules integrated into the product was a big plus for me.

I am still very happy with the curtain rails, the motors are quiet, the rails look good and the overall quality is comparable to the high end stuff that I know from office buildings and theaters etc. I have them controlled mostly automatically through openHAB rules, but I’ve also linked them to Google Home to be able to control them by voice commands.

Anyway, let me know if you decide to buy them or if you have any questions :+1:t3: