Z-Wave Garage Door Opener for US

Does anyone have any recommendations on a wave garage door opener? Aeotec has one, but it not yet sold in the US.

There are quite a few on Amazon (example. https://www.amazon.com/GoControl-Linear-GD00Z-4-Z-Wave-Controller/dp/B00M75TEIU)

I’ve been planning on building one custom using an ESP8266/Arduino (example: https://www.amazon.com/HiLetgo-Internet-Development-Wireless-Micropython/dp/B010O1G1ES) with other garage/door sensors i/o in the same controller/box (using https, not zwave). Been done on paper for a long time, but for <$100 could potentially have it done a lot sooner :slight_smile:

HOWEVER, research needs to be done… As these would be a “security” enabled device. (ie. encrypted comm, like a z-wave door lock, etc), they may not yet be compatible with the OH z-wave binding. There has been a lot done recently with the binding for secure class devices, you may want to review that topic here: https://community.openhab.org/t/oh2-z-wave-refactoring-and-testing-and-security/ before buying yet.

I’ve been wanting to get 2 Yale door locks on my z-wave network for about 6months, but not quite there yet. (it will get there though)

I know many people are using the GD00Z - as far as I know it’s working fine… Somewhere there is a thread about setting it up if you search the forum…

I have one GD00Z-4 for one door and use Qubino dry contact relay and zwave tilt sensor for the other one. While the GoControl works fine, I much prefer the relay.

The GoControl has a 5-7 second delay and if 2 remote commands are triggered within about 8-10 seconds of opening/closing, the command is ignored. Not a big deal, but a GoControl runs about 85 bucks and the Qubino and a tilt sensor I got for 75.

I’ve also heard of using an ESP8266 but those require a flashing process to use with OpenHAB so I’ve held off on those for the convenience of the Qubino.

I’ve read some posts here on the GD00Z. It seems that people have had trouble getting all the channels to work with encrypted communication. So, I’m a little skittish about trying it. I’ll see if I can found a better supported one.
Thanks for the replies.

I don’t think so. At one point, someone added something like 30 channels and this was done incorrectly. These were removed but some people are still running versions of the software with these included. I believe there’s now only a single channel (IFRC).

There are two now. I added ALARM for the safety notifications, but haven’t seen anything come through yet.

I have two and they work well. Lowes had dumped them at one point for <$20. Biggest issue for people seems to be the secure inclusion, which is not yet available in the nightly snapshots.