Z_Wave Healing and Neighbor update

i was wondering if the Network/Device healing is working in the latest OH2 release (2.2)
why im asking i installed a fresh new test system on ubuntu 16.4 with openhabian and i have trouple with some of my z-wave actors. all 3 actors got included without any issues but when i moved them away from the controller the one which can’t directly reach it, but is near Node 2 is not showing in the neighbor list of it.
i did a heal of node 2 from HABmin but still no luck.
moving the Actor back near the controller it starts working again.

thanks for any tips in advance

Device healing was not working properly in the 2.2 snapshot (which is now the 2.2 release), but it has been significantly improved in the development/secure version of the binding.

so that means even in the current 2.2 are still some kind of issues with healing and it would be better to use the dev. version then, which i’m using in my test environment.
right now i do not have any issues, but my setup and all the others i did with OH2 are not that big, max 25 actors. but i was ask by a good friend to setup his villa, with approx. 66 actors only for the light, and im a bit concerned about the performance if the healing is not working and the nodes are then not communicating on the best possible route.

The next stable runtime 2.3 will include the changes of the dev/security zwave binding and if you now start the new project with the 2.2. stable you will have to delete all things and readd them. Actually no big deal but you could save that bit of a work and use the dev zwave binding from the beginning … :rofl::sunglasses:

sihui, do you mean exclude and include all of the zwave devices, or just reassign them in PaperUI?

no need for excluding and re-including. only deleting the all z-wave things and t he co corresponding xml files.
then re adding them from HABMIN.


To test this out, I just deleted a 4 in 1 sensor. Now I can’t figure out how to add it back in with HABmin. It is not showing up in the Inbox, and it is not letting me add any zwave devices except for a controller, which already exists. Am I missing something?

in HABmin go to configuration -> thinks, then klick on the magnifier on top of the screen and select Z-Wave binding.
Your removed node should be then back in the inbox.

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Bingo, that did it after a browser page refresh. I was going down the path of hitting the “+”, and that started me down the path of starting all over with a completely new zwave install. It is interesting that it went through the discovery process for all of the things, which is good to know for the future. Thanks Matt!