Z-Wave HS-WD200+ Channels are not as they are in Thing configuration

Hello, i’m trying to figure how to blink my HS-WD200+ led. This is configurable from the Thing tabs but not from the channel.

  • The parameter 30 (Blink Frequency) disappear from Thing to Channels
  • The parameter 31 (Blink in Status mode) should be 1 parameter with a number to send to the device. Now it seem to be broken in 7 sub parameters in the Thing tab, but in the Channels tab it just showing one parameter with on or off instead of a number to send.
  • The parameter 31 (Blink in Status mode) have been renamed “Status mode LEDs Blink frequency” where it should be: Blink in Status mode and the description is just … wrong…

openHab 2 has similar problem so I upgraded to openHab 3, now it’s configurable from Thing tab but not from the items in the Channels.

I overlook on this forum and was not able to find zWave xml documentation nor a “how to” change the zwave channels. Can I do it by my self ?

The binding gets the channel information from the community maintained database that is part of the binding. We show 2 different entries for that model, depending on its firmware version.
Please post the xml file from that device in the zwave folder of userdata that was created by openHAB. It contains information obtained directly from the device

Many times features are added with newer device firmware versions so we have multiple entries.

Just so you know @Jean-Yves_Drolet , the units are firmware upgradable OTA. You’d need to purchase the ZFlash tool from Homeseer though, 29$. ( Z-Flash Z-Wave Firmware Update Software – HomeSeer )

I did them all here(I have 12 of them) and the only downside is once it’s done it forgets it’s zwave status, so you’ll wind up with a dead node and you’ll need to re-add it.

Hello, thanks for your help !

Here is the file…

network_f6e12b1c__node_10.xml (16.0 KB)

There are 2 manuals associated with that database entry and they have differing parameters. The entry is currently for all versions 5.11 and above.

Your device is version 5.14. The database entry is here and has versions 5a & 7a of the manual. Which is yours?

Hello again, first I wanted to thank you for your time, this is really kind of you.

I think there is an error within the manual classification !

One of them is a Switch and the other is a Dimmer, they do not have the same number of led (One for the Switch and 7 for the Dimmer, just for your information, the Fan dimmer have 5 LED)

The Dimmers are HS-WD200, the Switches are HS-WS200.
So those to manual are for 2 completely differents devices.

To answer your question: my manual is the HS-WD200-Manual-5a.pdf as I have the dimmer installed.

Again, thank you very much for your time !!

Thanks for checking on that. It is a community maintained database. Do you have anty time to update the entry? I can delete the incorrect manual. the Database Reference Guide is here.

EDIT: The switch manual is gone now.

EDIT2: Parameter 30 description matches the manual.

Parameter 31 needs to be broken out butwise and is done incorrectly. @chris or another expert eill need to look at device 1040 parameter 31.

I overviewed other param that 31 and it seem to be ok now.

I just created my self an account on OpenSmartHouse, do you think I should open a ticket to review params configurations ?

If I can help, just let me know, for now I a bit in the fog… (sorry)

Edit: I did not heard from anyone, is there something I can do to help? May be I can check into parameter 31 by my self ? Should I open a ticket?