Z-Wave: ID Lock 150 missing user codes?


At some point (I have no idea when, not a feature I’ve used much but I need it now) the option of user codes in Habmin got lost on my ID Lock 150, as in, I can’t set or change codes through z-wave/UI…
I did a firmware upgrade on the lock and the z-wave module in the lock a while back, could’ve happened then but how would I fix this? :thinking:

OH: 2.5.11 (z-wave binding 2.5.11)

Other than the database server move, that database Item has not changed in over a year.

I do not understand. Please clarify.

At some point there was a menu option named ‘user codes’ or something similar in Habmin, a submenu just like ‘properties’ and ‘configuration parameters’.

I do not see anything like that in the database entry. Perhaps @chris has further insight.

Like this post/user, he seems to have it: Add channels to Z-wave device (ID lock 150) - #10 by Seaside

This isn’t configured in the database. Since it’s dynamic, it is added directly by the binding if it detects the device supports user codes.

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Obvious question. Was the lock included into Z-Wave securely?

Yepp! There’s also an attrib set on the images I posted that confirmes this I think, “Using security”? I’ve tried deleting and adding the device multiple times as well (not reincluding) . :thinking: