Z-wave inclusion won't finish

I’m trying to pair a Heiman smoke detector HS1SA-Z to my Openhabian system (with an Aeotech z-stick gen 5). The stick finds the smoke detector, but the interrogation seems to fail. I get no xml-file in the zwave folder and the device is not recognized.
The Z-wave log-file looks like this:

and down the bottom I get one line with:

It seems the Request for NIF never finishes. As you can see in the log I tried to wake up the device several times by pressing the test-button (get some beeping but the device wakes up and sends an alarm report and a sensor binary report). But no NIF?

What am I doing wrong?

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sometimes it takes quite a few times waking the device up, to the point that it seems to be that something is wrong. Try pushing the button multiple times. Sometime the documentation about how to wake the device is wrong. Keep trying.

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Piling on to this comment. From the Debug log there is no evidence that the device was awakened. There should be an entry like this at 18:02:41.887

Also do not filter the log file. Not every line that is important will have the node number.


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