Z wave: is it possible to include in another network without exclusion beforehand?

Hi guys,
I got 2 Zwave devices from a friend who didn’t exclude them before removing them from his system.
Is it possible to include these devices into a new Z wave network without exclusion from the old network?
Thanks in advance!

No, but you can exclude them using any controller, not just the controller it was originally included on.

In other words, you can reset/exclude the device using your controller. Put the controller in exclusion mode and press the button or what ever on the device (look at its manual) to exclude it from its old network and then switch to inclusion mode to include it as normal.

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Thank you, Rich! :grinning:

Again, thanks for your help.
This worked like a charm.

Another question in this regard:
After I moved to my new house I wonder, if it would make sense to exclude all the Z wave devices and re include them in a brand new net work (after really removing them from the controller).
Does make sense at all regarding the Z wave device location structure and signal strength?

That’s probably overkill. The “heal” function is supposed to look for dead nodes and reassess the signal strengths and such. I think be default the heal runs every night and you can trigger a heal to run by using the “Synchronize devices” I think.

Thank you!
That’s exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for.

To trigger an immediate heal set the heal time to the current hour. Say if it is 2:30 pm, set to 2 pm.

I do concur with the rest of the advice. Zwave is self healing and so the devices and the controller will naturally find the best routes. A network heal for a day or so after a major move can speed things along. You can also heal devices individually, if you have only moved that one.


That’s only true for ZWave+ devices. Older devices require the routes to be configured by the controller. Recommending that people don’t use heal is only advisable if they (only) use ZWave+ devices and often it’s impossible from the forum to know what devices are in someones network.

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Good point.