Z-Wave Issues

Is there any way to do a network heal from the karaf console…or from ANY console? I migrated from HomeGenie to OpenHAB2 running on openHABian on a Raspberry Pi, and I had absolutely everything working great. Now a few days later I get all kinds of Z-Wave issues, rules that fire but the devices never change their state, nodes that are being marked dead or timing out even though they never had a problem before and none of them have moved. I’m at the end of my rope, and I can’t figure out how to do a simple heal of the entire network. Any helpers?

No - it’s not possible in the current master OH2 binding. That said, unless you’ve added new devices, it shouldn’t matter as the routing is not done by the binding - it’s done by the controller.

You could use the test binding if you wanted.

Can I use the test binding with OH2 stable, or do you recommend moving to a recent snapshot? Is there a list of known issues with the test binding that I should be aware of?