Z-Wave Item null value


I’m using OH for a few months now and I added a razberry module recently to start using z-wave devices.
My Controller ist online and Discovery of devices seems to work (Fibaro Door Sensor). Everything looks good, thing is online and channels available. But the Items always state a NULL value. I was not able to resolve this issue.
Because I’m a new user, I’m not able to upload Debug Logs :frowning:
My OH Version is 3.x (stable) now, had the same behaviour with 2.5. I updated yesterday.


What exact version of OH? Did openHAB generate an xml file for the sensor in the zwave directory of userdata? if not, then the discovery of the device is not complete. Many times battery powered devices go to sleep before discovery is completed and need to be woken up repeatedly.

Hopefully our expert developer @chris can find a minute to look too.

In the log above it looks like there is no update of the door sensor state, so the item state will remain unset - or null.

Thank you for you quick response. I will check if there is an XML file.
Im on OH 3 now, but had the same with 2.5.x. I tried to different sensors (Fibaro and Popp), but both are battery powered.
How can i upload the logs as new user?

If this is the right directory, it seems there are missing XML for Node 2 + 3?

What do you recommend to do? What additional info can I provide for better troubleshooting?

Simply use a hosting system such as github or dropbox etc - this is what most people do.

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