Z-Wave Jasco ZW1002 discovered as Unknown Device

network_e44cb313__node_22.xml (10.3 KB)

I’m experiencing difficulty with a Jasco ZW1002 power outlet. The device is successfully discovered by OpenHAB (currently running 3.3.0). After adding the device to “Things” it is listed as “unknown device” (Uploaded screenshot from OpenHAB).

I found this odd as another post (Jasco power outlet ZW1002 not discovered - #15 by Bruce_Osborne from February 2021) seemed to indicate this device had been updated in the database (Blog Posts), and should now be recognized by OpenHAB.

During the discovery process the XML was created, and I’ve attached it here. After looking at the opensmarthouse.org database my suspicion is this could be a new version of the Jasco ZW1002 device. I followed the instruction on opensmarthouse.org and registered an account and opened a ticket requesting the ability to upload the XML created by OpenHAB during the discovery process. I have not received a response to that ticket in a number of days. I assume that system may no longer be active/managed.

I’m also wondering if my OpenHAB z-wave device database could be outdated/out of sync, and thus the reason the device is not recognized, I assume it is current as I recently updated to OpenHAB 3.3.0, but it is worth asking.

Lastly is it possible to “configure” OpenHAB to recognize the device?

I’ve uploaded the XML from the OpenHAB discovery, and there appears to be some differences between the one posted back in February 2021.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Like the referenced post, your device has a new ID. From a quick look it seems to be the same otherwise, so adding the pair 4952:3134 would be the simplest to get it recognized.

The DB maintainer is on holiday with limited Internet access so that is why the delay. The DB is very active, there is usually a weekly update under normal conditions. You will need to use an updated binding in the addons folder or an OH3.4 snapshot/milestone containing the change once the change is made, approved and merged.

Hi Bob,

I greatly appreciate the reply, it sounds like I just need to be patient. To make sure I understand the process correctly. It also sounds like once the DB is updated, I will need to update the binding or use OpenHAB 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT. I’m not familiar with updating the binding or how to move to an OpenHAB 3.4 snapshot.

I looked at the instructions (Download openHAB | openHAB) and it mentions the 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT, which I assume is what you’re referring to. I’m not too sure I want to run code which could be unstable (screenshot). I would be interested in simply updating the binding as you suggested, assuming that won’t cause instability. I assume that in that case I would add the repository (echo ‘deb JFrog unstable main’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab.list) then run just the add-ons command (sudo apt-get install openhab-addons).

Or if there is a different way I’ll do that.

Again, I appreciate the help and any guidance you can offer is great.

Well with Linux there are multiple ways to do things. Not being that adept I do it this way.

  1. In a situation like this I just update the zwave binding. It is very stable and the main updates to it are the weekly DB updates. If you are interested the actual code is here.
  2. On some schedule (kind of a mystery to me), after the code is updated a compiled (using maven) a .jar file appears here
  3. If I have added the Zwave binding using the UI, I remove it.
  4. I place the Zwave jar in the addons directory (location can vary depending on how you set up OH). However, it is the same folder as the openhab-addons .kar file.

addons folder
5) There is a dependency for most systems that is installed automatically when the zwave binding is installed via the UI. However, this feature needs to be added manually if just dropping the jar in the addons. In the OH console feature:install openhab-transport-serial
In 30 seconds all your zwave devices will be back.
6) Worst case you might have to delete the device (do not exclude) and use the inbox zwave scan to pick up the new properties.

However, your way should work too. The new zwave binding becomes part of the addons. It is just that you are picking up snapshot changes from all the other 338 addons also, so there is more uncertainty.