Z-wave key fob/presence sensor

I’m considering a key fob/presence sensor primarily to indicate presence and maybe to operate lights, door locks, or other z-wave devices on a home automation network.

Please can anyone recommend a product based on their experience?

Does it have to be zwave? For presence detection, I recommend what you already have, which is your phone (Bluetooth, network, etc). If you’re creative with DIY electronics, look up esp32 for its BLE. On my alarm system, I can open my doors via Bluetooth, 433mhz, zwave, wifi, and fingerprint.

Thanks for your suggestions. No it doesn’t have to be z-wave but for one older person a z-wave key fob with a button to unlock the door would be best. I’ll investigate the other options.

A zwave keyfob (from a quick search) is expensive… $40 here

You can do the same with a 433mhz keychain like these and have the receiver on a pi or an arduino/mcu, and do custom code hopping to secure the transmission.


I too am in need of something to talk to my system to notify it of person presence. My partner forgets to charge the phone and its often flat. I am looking for something that she can hang off her car keys (as she doesnt forget the car) and the system can detect it when its within range. For myself my phone will be fine