Z-Wave LED Driver for color control only

I have 2 OH installations with z-wave networks where I want to run LED strips using a 4-channel RGBW drivers. A good choice here would be Z-Wave due to it being already installed, and range issues with other technologies (wifi, Zigbee). So far so good.

However, due to (existing) wiring and other mechanical constraints, it would be preferable to control the on/off by toggling the mains power, leaving only brightness/color functions to z-wave control. it is my understanding (and observation) that this causes a problem, because z-wave devices must always remain part of the network (they can’t disappear because you toggled a lightswitch) or network headaches will ensue (routing issues, congestion, latency on other nodes).

Is there a type of ZWave device, or a manner of configuring a node that would be friendly to this setup? Sort of fire-and-forget? Is Z-Wave categorically the wrong technology to use in this setup?