Z-Wave Log Viewer

I’ve added a log viewer to my website to process the Z-Wave debug logs. This is fundamentally the same as the viewer in HABmin2, but you obviously don’t need to have HABmin installed to run it. Everything runs on your computer, so it doesn’t download data to the web, so there’s no security issue…

The viewer can be found here.


This is great @chris , thank you.

Another thing that would be sweet is if the Habmin viewer could load the file from the machine Habmin is running on instead of the local machine. In my case, I have a machine in the basement that runs OH2/Habmin, but my workstation is a different machine. This renders the view log file feature to not work unless I either mount the file system, or copy the log file locally. The file open dialogue asks for files on the machine where the browser is running, not necessarily where Habmin is running. I realize this may be difficult with security/jail issues.

This seems a great way go get a nicely formatted log! On question though… you mean that if I have HABmin 2 then I don’t need this? I have HABmin installed using the latest snapshot, but cannot find any viewer in Habmin. Has it been removed?

I thought it was still in HABmin but I can’t check at the moment. Personally I always use the web version for two reasons - firstly, it’s probably more up to date, but most importantly, it is a LOT faster as it doesn’t run within the Angular framework that HABmin uses.

If you run in HABmin, you can only view short logs - the web version will allow at least 10MB logs on most computers.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess the web version being faster depends on how much time it takes you to fetch the log file and upload it to the web interface. Right now, I’m actually having difficulties with that, as I cannot find my logs. If you have any ideas, an answer in that topic is much obliged. :wink:

No - absolutely not. The data is not uploaded anywhere - both versions run directly on your own computer.

I meant that you still have to select the file and use the “Search for a file to add” button and point to the right file, which–if it is not on you current system–you would first have to fetch from your OpenHAB server.

Sorry, but again, there’s no difference. You still have to select the file in either case and load it from where ever it is. Both versions are exactly the same - just that HABmin runs within the AngularJS environment which slows things down a lot.

I understand. I was under the impression that since HABmin is part of the system itself instead of a web service it could fetch the logs automatically. Anyhow, I was unable to find the viewer in HABmin.

I know this is an old thread but I’m an old man.
At the risk of sounding really stupid, what is the name of the z-wave log(s) and where are they located on my RPi?

Per default there is no separate log file. Take a look at the documentation (scroll complete down)

The default logging directory is /var/log/openhab2