Z-wave - Mains powered devices in DB are not being recognized

Mains powered devices, which are in DB are not being recognized.

I upgraded from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 just before including some z-wave devices on my network. These devices are in the database.

Two are light switches (Zooz ZEN24 and ZEN74). I already have multiple of these switches working on the network. For those just added, I get the error:

NODE 91: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! Manufacturer data not known.

I also noticed there there are no .xml files created for those devices in the zwave directory.

The other device, which I understand was added to the DB for the 4.04 release, is a Zooz ZAC38 which gets the error.

NODE 89: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 027A:0004:0510::1.20

That has an xml file which was updated and that device has actually been on the network for longer.

Running openHABian 4.0.4 on Pi 4 with Aeotec controller. I was on 3.X a few months back before using the openhabian-config tool to updated to 4.X. These are the first z-wave devices that I’ve tried to add since the upgrade to 4.X

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

you could set the ZW log to debug (now can use the steering wheel on the Binding UI page) while trying to include. Is reinitialize an option on the UI page for the device? Also could try OH restart. No custom
ZW binding in the addons folder, right?

It does not look that way to me. Last DB update for 4.0.4 was July 22. ZAC38 was added in September

Thank you. I didn’t realize you could change the log setting there. VERY helpful!

Reinitialize was there, no custom ZW binding. I restarted a bunch of times and the recalled that I make a change to the serial port settings when troubleshooting an issue with a different binding. I unchecked the prepare serial port options (#35) in openHABian configuration tool. After restarting the ZEN switches were initialized.

I stand corrected. Thank you! How did you determine when the last DB update was done. I prefer not to switch out of the release branch so I’ll just wait.

That is new for OH4 with all bindings. It is a nice feature.

I have a local copy of the zwave binding and github desktop that I compared to the ZW binding 4.0.x branch information on github.

Glad your issues are resolved. At this point (IMO) the 4.1M3 (testing) is pretty stable. It has been pretty rocky for 4.0 (as indicated by all the patch releases.), but I think the corner has been turned. (again IMO)