Z-wave mesh and notifications

Hey guys,
I need help with my z-wave issue.
I’m using ZMEEUZB1 on raspberry with openhabian. Zwave mesh contains main powered fibaro dimmer2 (node5) and qubino flush relay (node3), and battery operated Coolcam motion (node4) and door (node6) sensor.
network_f0ee85c1__node_1.xml (2.4 KB)
network_f0ee85c1__node_3.xml (16.1 KB)
network_f0ee85c1__node_4.xml (14.5 KB)
network_f0ee85c1__node_5.xml (44.7 KB)
network_f0ee85c1__node_6.xml (10.4 KB)

It looks that all devices were included ok. I can control relay and dimmer and also I’m receiving notification from battery sensors. Then I moved sensors far from the main controler but they still should be in node3 range. But now, I don’t receive any notifications from battery powered sensors. It’s more than one day and according to last update, at least node4 should be in range, because there are update for last heal and wake up times.
But, I’m not receiving any notifications from this sensors.
What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for any help or hint.

I’m really not sure what the issue might be. If it were me, I’d try excluding the battery-powered nodes (after moving them closer to the controller), then including them while in their final location. Before doing this, I would make sure the serial controller “Inclusion Mode” is set to Network-wide Inclusion.

Thanks for suggestion. I tried, but without success. I’m not able to include them on their final location. What’s strange, because I saw some wakeup update on one sensor when it was on same location. Also It’s not that far from qubino relay, which should work as repeater. It’s less than 10m, but there are two “walls” (balcony floors).
Is that far for Z-wave mesh?

It depends on the type of construction, I suppose. Wood frame might be ok; concrete with rebar maybe not.

It’s concrete with rebar. Qubino relay is inside socket on balcony and sensors are at the end of arrow on cellar doors and wall.

If it’s too far, I have no idea how to improve range. Maybe bulb in cellar will have better range than battery powered sensors?

Just an idea: Can you place a Z-Wave plug near the sensors? A cheap one like this:

They are around 25€ here, and they would act as repeater down where the sensors are.

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There is not socket in cellar. Only thing what I can put there is bulb into light. But I don’t know if it may help.

Is the bulb permanently powered? If yes, just place a socket with plug next to it. Or is it rented and you are not allow to modify?

Not rented, but there is only one circuit for lights, for all cellars on the ground floor. There is only light with switch, so I can leave bulb powered permanently (switch is inside the cellar) and just turn of light from bulb.
So It’s possible to add there socket and plug, but there is only one circuit for lights, and It’s not ideal to connect plug and lights to same circuit. And also bulb is little bit closer because it’s on the top. If bulb and socket will repeat signal in same range, then bulb may be better choice.

If you have Amazon, just order a bulb and check it out. If it doesn’t work, send it back.

I can order bulb in some local retailer and send it back within 14days. But question is, if it’s worth. If line powered bulb usualy have better range than battery powered sensors or not. I think it should be at the “edge” of range. Because I saw some wakeup updates on one sensor and also I received notifications once I had raspberry with main controller placed on window.

Yes, mains powered devices typically have larger range than battery powered devices. They will also act as a router and extend the mesh, which battery powered devices typically don’t do.

It looks like you haven’t stated which version of the binding you are using. 2.4 includes a network heal, which would be needed to repair the mesh after moving a device. A few heals may help sort out your network, without additional devices.

@5iver The name of the node.xml file indicates it’s the new version of the binding.

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Sorry, my fault, I forgot to write binding version. Yes, it’s the new one and whole zwave mesh was created after update.
I already tried network heal, but without any change. Strange thing is, that nodes 4 and 6 looks like online, and node 6 is connected straight to main controller, what is basicaly not true.

Ok, update:
Sadly, it didn’t help :frowning:
I bought Aeotec ZWA001 Bulb 6 Multi-White (node9) I’m not able to control it in cellar.
I tried to include it when it was in cellar, but without success. Then I tried to include it near the controler and it worked fine. After moving back to cellar, it looks like connected in Habmin, but I cannot control it. (also after few Network sync/Device heal).
network_f0ee85c1__node_9.xml (10.7 KB)

Any idea, what else I can try?

I’m pretty much out of ideas.

What Inclusion Mode did you use when you tried to include it in the cellar? In HABmin, after selecting the ZWave Serial Controller, you can choose the Inclusion Mode on the Network Settings panel. Try Network Wide or High Power. Note that you need to select Tool->Show Advanced Settings for Inclusion Mode to appear.

It may be the case that even if you get it included in its final location, communication still may be sketchy.

It was included in PaperUI and controller is set to Network Wide.
Funny is, that node10 on last picture is battery powered door sensor, and was included from cellar. Was included but doesn’t respond now.

So, are there any differences between brands? With range. I have qubino relay and aeotec bulb. All should be zwave+. Because if not, then I think I have to look for different solution :confused:

I am having similar problems with my coolcam battery powered z wave contact sensors as well.

What is the difference between Network Wide and High Power inclusion methods?


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