Z-wave Motorized Shades/Blinds with Spring Tension Mounting

I’m wondering if anyone has come across motorized z-wave shades that can be mounted without having to screw then to the wall/window.

This is similar to the way a spring tension curtain rod works where you adjust it to a certain width that’s slightly larger that the inside of the window and then compress the spring to install it, thus producing an outward pressure on the inner window to keep it mounted without having to drill holes.

A nice bonus would be if the shades had the ability to be recharged using solar power. The solar cells would be on the outside facing part of the shades.

I don’t think you’ll find this, because spring-tension mounts are not very secure and blinds are heavy. If they do exist they would only be for very small windows, because spring-tension rods can only be so long before they become ineffective.

Curtains go side-to-side, so the up/down forces on the rod are relatively minor and there isn’t a lot of weight pulling down. Even then, my bathroom shower curtain needs to be repositioned once in awhile. That would be dangerous with heavy Z-Wave shades that have motors and batteries. There’s a lot of vibration when the motors run, so they’d easily shake free.

Is there a particular reason that you want/need to avoid screws? My Z-Wave shades (Bali Blinds from Costco) up to 42" long only require two brackets (one screw each), while shades up to 72" long require three brackets. Basically, one bracket every 24" to spread out the weight and prevent them from sagging in the middle.

I don’t think that’s available with my Bali Blinds, but the Lithium-Ion battery packs last forever. I open and close my shades daily, and after six months the batteries are still at 70%. I was also concerned about how frequently they’d have to be recharged, so I’m very pleased with the battery life.