Z-wave Multisensor (Z-wave binding) measure the current data


First of all thank all the people who make possible this great community.

I have a doubt related to the multisensor Zooz ZSE40 4-1 Multisensor which I am using with the Z-Wave binding at Raspberry pi 3 with the Razberry module as controller. I would like to have a current parameters measurement when I order to the multisensor, not to read the state, but to measure at this moment.

I am trying to do with the UI available but it seems it is not possible, so I am trying too with the openHAB2 console sending some requests. What I send is the following:

  • openhab> smarthome:send ZwaveSensor_BatteryLevel REFRESH

I receive “command has been sent succesfully” and with another terminal I have the logging, which is:

  • Item ‘ZwaveSensor_BatteryLevel’ received command REFRESH

However, after that, nothing happens.

Does anybody know if there is any way of refresh the measure of current data with some sensor similar to mine?

Thanks in advance!!

I assume that this is a battery device?

Battery devices sleep 99.9% of the time in ZWave, so you can’t get updates like this. The binding will request the battery state periodically and make this available. The data will only be sent to the device once it wakes up and tells the device that it can receive requests - normally this is about once per hour, or once per day (or something in between) depending on how it’s configured.

Yes, it is battery device.

I have a doubt according to the device’s awakening. It is sending data without any clear frecuency (sometimes it takes 18 minutes to receive data, other times 1 minute…). The device’s configuration has a point called “polling period” setted up as 3600, but even if it is the awakening time, it has no sense.

Is there any way of wake up a battery device from the controller and ask it for data?


Maybe, but that’s (very) probably unrelated to polling. A device can send data without waking up - it only is considered awake when it sends out a message telling the controller it’s awake, and this is done at set intervals. Check the device configuration - it should tell you there.

This is a binding configuration and is not linked to the device itself. The device will have a wakeup configuration - this is the important bit.

Normally yes - check the manual for the device as it’s different for each device.

You could also check the docs.

OK, I understand many things now… it is a bit confusing if the device is a battery based so.

I have checked the docs and the device’s manual and I have no clear how I can send it class commands. The xml file that describes the node inside my raspi’s directories has an entry where it is defined things like “interval”, “minInterval” or “lastWakeup”, but no idea about how to send it that commands using the console.

I have tried with “smarthome:send” but it is only for items and no for things so I don’t know what to do more.

The device manual should tell you how to wake the device up - it won’t tell you much more than this, but this is what you asked earlier “Is there any way of wake up a battery device”.

You need to use HABmin to set these configurations. Normally, the binding should set these itself, but sometimes it might not work for some reason.