Z-wave network lost

because of different reasons I made an system-update of my Raspi. After this I had a complete crash and installed my openHAB image again. But now my z-wave nodes are not displayed in the administration tool.
What can I do to rescue my system? In the moment I can switch nothing. My wife will kill me.

The network configuration is stored in the stick, so as long as this hasn’t been reset, you may survive :wink:

Take a look at the log to see if there are errors on startup, or if the binding starts, it will print the list of nodes that it discovers. From the log, we can hopefully work out what is wrong and what is needed to recover (or re-install!) the system.

I had a look on my log and saw that the port AMA0 was missing. The entry

 -Dgnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts=/dev/ttyAMA0 \

was missing in etc/init.d/openhab.

I don’t know why it was missing. I did an update of my Raspi Linux only. But anyhow, now it runs again.

Many thanks for the support.