Z-Wave Newbie

I’ve put in an order for some Z-Wave controlled blind motors I found on Indiegogo, and before they arrive I would like to install a brand new Z Stick Gen 5 which I’ve bought set to my local region.
Besides getting the USB to serial part to work and ensuring it stays in the same hardware place on my Pi3, Is there anything else I need to know, such as needing a particular version of the Z-Wave binding?
Do I need to wait for the binding to be updated to work with them?
I’ve been using OH for a while now but this is my first piece of Z Wave kit.
Details here

Learn how to back it up.


I recently installed my first zwave devices (outlet and a bulb). With the binding and the zwave stick, it was fairly smooth. The stick was the Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW090 Z, which is Gen 5. I’m using OpenHAB2 on a Pi3 and the 2.0 Zwave binding. I don’t think you need to wait for anything to be updated.