Z-Wave node missing from available node associations list

In the Association Groups section of a Z-Wave thing configuration, it lists available nodes to be added to an association group. However, one of my nodes (Node 11 in the screenshot below) does not appear in this list.

Is there anything I need to do to update that list?

The only thing I know for sure is different about Node 11 is that I included it “offline” using the Aeotec Z-Stick’s inclusion button rather than the inclusion process in the OpenHAB Z-Wave binding. The node seems to work fine otherwise (I get updates from it and the linked item’s value changes).

My next thought was to exclude the node and include it again “online” via the HABmin UI rather than “offline” with the Z-Stick, but thought I’d ask here first in case I was missing something else?

Try deleting the node11 Thing and re-discovering. Or try restarting OH.

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Thanks Bruce for the suggestions! I managed to get it working now by doing:

  1. Excluded the device from HABmin
  2. Included it again from HABmin
  3. The device appeared in the list of possible associations
  4. Let the binding completed device discovery by waking up the device multiple times
  5. Then it disappeared from the list of possible associations
  6. Restarted OpenHAB
  7. It reappeared in the list of possible associations