Z-Wave not allowing RGB control

I have two devices, Aeon LED Bulb and Fibaro RGBW controller. Both of these I can setup as dimmers/switches and they work correctly.

The issue is, when I try to set them to Color Pickers (for RGB control) neither of them will do anything. I am guessing this is because of a bad translation on the Z-wave binding. Anyone else having this issue or know a fix for it?

The color command class is not implemented at the moment. It is implemented in the OH2 binding, but I’m not sure I will back port it.

That would make sense then. Would you consider OH2 pretty stable enough to implement for a small home?

OH2 itself seems ok (I have a small home :smile:)

However, right at the moment, the OH2 zwave binding isn’t quite finished. I’m missing some functionality in the core to allow me to implement some of the UI features (ie setting associations). I might need to find a workaround for this to get the binding released…

Take a look at this post here: Collection of working z-wave configs

I use my Fibaro RGBW controller the same way and it seems to work quit well. :blush:
Might be okay until we are able to migrate to OH2 :wink:

Thanks Chris and LarsK,

I went ahead and tried to get openHAB2 all setup - so far so good with HABmin2 running as well. My only issue now is, HABmin lets me see my z-wave and my nodes - awesome!

But, there is no way for me to add “items” anymore in openHAB2 that do not seem to have a 2.0 binding. Is there any way to get my z-wave items into there? I tried making a “home.items” file and see it read in when openHAB starts up. But I do not see these visually anywhere.

Into where exactly? Are you referring to the PaperUI, or into sitemaps? For sitemaps, the system works exactly the same as the UIs in OH1 - likewise for item configuration, this can all be done exactly as is currently done in OH1 for OH1 bindings… You can’t however edit items that are specified in the text files within the GUI - they need to be treated in the same way as they were for OH1 and edited in designer, or some other text editor.

If you’re trying to get things to show up in the PaperUI, then that’s another story and I’m not so sure of the answer off the top of my head. I did have a look at how to do this a few days back, but it’s not so simple and requires tagging and groups from memory.

Hi Larsk,

Can you post your sitemap for your above link to RGBW items?