Z-Wave options explanation - action_reinit and action_heal

Hi guys,
I was checking my z-wave nodes options and found out that some of them such options:

  • action_reinit: false
  • action_heal: false

Maybe someone can explain me what do these options exactly mean.

These are the code tab elements of the five lines normally found on the thing UI.
Five Lines of configured node

If set to true they will perform the function and return to false. Neither will work on an uninitialized node (thing) - i.e. If the Reinitialize option is missing from the UI.

Heal - Destroy current routing information and rediscover routing/neighbors - Comment (IMO) Overused; reset routes are often worse than before. If not a routing problem, which is generally not the case with Zwave plus devices no effect (i.e channel not working).

Reinitialize - Reinterviews Node; Same interview as after discovery. Useful if the device XML has been updated. Not an expert on this but I think deleting (not excluding) and rescanning does the same thing (but more steps)

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Thank you Bob for such detailed answer. I really appreciate.