Z-Wave or Wi-Fi motion sensor and 360°C surveillance camera?

Hi there,

As my Aeon 5-in-1 Sensor is dying, I decided to upgrade it to something else.
This sensor was installed in the middle of a square hall roughly 3x3 meters and was used to detect motion and switch the lights on and off.
Offcourse I could buy a new 6-in-1 Aeon Sensor, but was asked if I can put a surveillance camera in place of the sensor and use it for motion detection and also security recording. I have a Synology NAS, where I can stream the camera video, but then there should be some connection to Openhab to trigger the light.

Also if the motion detection works well in dark conditions is a question.

So maybe someone already has done it and have some ideas? Ideally such camera shall be not bigger than 6-in-1 Sensor and powered from mains or USB.


You may need more than one camera to cover 360 degrees.

Don’t rely on the cam as a motion sensor. It will generate lots of false positive event when just the light changes.
For the cam, you can try those dome cameras, or the light-bulb cameras. I haven’t tried it myself, but it might have much wider angles then normal camera.