Z-Wave: Outdated Philio X in 1 Sensor Configuration

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I’ve found a lot of Posts where Philios “X in 1” Sensor didn’t return the state of the door or the alarm.

While reading the manual I found out, that there are two versions of The Devices - V2 and V4. The last one supports security and is using “Notification” Class instead of “Sensor Binary” Class. Maybe this is the “real” problem.

I would create a new configuration, but I’m unsure about “how”:

Is it possible to tell one configuration, that some options are only available with V4 devices? Or will there be a new Configuration for the V4 devices?

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A complete new configuration is required for different versions. Often it’s more than just the config parameters that change between versions - command classes can change as well, so they re treated as different devices.

However, if you are using OH1 binding, then I would suggest to use the SENSOR_BINARY class - not the NOTIFICATION/ALARM class. Normally there is a configuration in most devices that allow you to select which class to use.

If you want to create an updated configuration, then you can either update the XML, or you can create a new device in the online database. There is a guide to the database here.

Alright - than I will wait until OH2 is released and create a new configuration.

You can still create a new configuration - that’s no problem, and it might be necessary if there are difference parameters in the new device. The OH1 binding also supports multiple versions…

My comment was really relating to the use of the NOTIFICATION command class only…

Hey @chris: I wan’t to upload the device XML - but there is no “add” button like described in the documentation. (And yes, I’m logged in).

Please let me know your user name as I will need to give you access.

PascalTurbo - what else? :sunglasses:

Of course ;). You should now have access.