Z-Wave Philio PAN11 meter report

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: RPi 3B+, Intel 128 GB SSD, Aeon labs Z-Stick Gen 5
    • OS: Openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: Included in Openhabian
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0 Release Build
    • Z-Wave Binding 2.5 SNAPSHOT 2019-02-28
  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue
    Hi @chris
    I have just bought two Philio PAN11-1E which only are on/off switshes.
    In Habmin there are several channels regarding meter reporting but of course no values are shown.
    In the .xml file there are no parameters, (as I understand), which describe meter readings.
    The Philio PAN11-1B have also meter reporting.
    Is there an confusion between this two switches in the databas?
    Attaches image of Habmin and the .xml file.


network_e76ab2d8__node_20.xml (12.0 KB)

As best as I can see from the Philio product data, all versions of the PAN11 are energy plugs. Do you have something that states that is not the case?

Has been in contact with the seller and he cannot get any other information than the PAN11 -1E not support energy report.
He also said that it seems that Philio has the same product data (manual) for all variants of PAN11.
Also found another company that sells both PAN11 -1B with energy report and PAN11 -1E as an on / off switch.

I’m not quite sure then what you are suggesting, but it seems to me that the database is correct and the meter should remain.

If it’s really a problem, then someone will need to work out what IDs have what features, which may not be easy to do unfortunately.

I am quite new with Z-Wave, .xml files, debug logs and the database so you can be nice to look at the debug log and see what is wrong when I do not get any energy data. Node 19 and 20 are PAN11-1E.

openhab_37-2.log (1018.1 KB)

Hi @chris can you please look at the debug log

My guess is that you don’t have channels linked to items? It looks like the meter data is working fine.

I have Simple mode =ON so there are autocreated items but I also use .items files.
Now I have created items linked tho channels for meter data for node 19 in an .items file.
Copied the channels names from Paper UI.
Still no data and debug log looks like before. Do Yoy have any more suggestions?

I was in fact a bit too quick - the binding is sending the requests, but the device is not responding to them. The device ACKs the request, but doesn’t send any data - normally this is caused by the device not supporting this feature.

I have been inside your site and looked at the database and what I understand it is valid for three variants of PAN11, References (Type: Id) 0001: 0001,0001: 0011,0001: 0030.
My switch, PAN11-1E, have type:id 0001:0030 and has apparently no meter report.
I have been on the z-wavealliance.org database and looked at PAN11 and have not found anyone with type / id 0001: 0030.
As a novice, I suggest that type / id 0001: 0030 can be removed from existing registration in the databas and a new device with the same type / id is created but without meter report.

The ZWave database can not be used as a reference. It is extremely limited in the references it uses.

Sorry, but without more information we can’t do this as it WILL stop some peoples systems working.

If you want to split out the different versions, then we need to work out all the variants as I said earlier -:

Hi @cjberg
In an old topic “Testing Z-Wave binding on openHAB-2” you had problems with a new Philio Tech Gen5 PAN11-1E which was not included in the database.
How did it go after @chris added it to the database? Did it work fully, including reporting on watt and volt, for example?

There are some topics on Github about PAN11 with and without energi reporting so it is a pity that the database has been mixed up, but it is something we must live with.
Some final questions.
Is it possible to get rid of polling of energy reports by removing the automatically created items in Habmin?
I have followed the user tutorial when I started with openHAB and thus had Simple mode = ON but I have created items in .item’s files.
Which is preferable, Simple mode = ON or OFF or does it not matter?

Since manufacturers don’t publish the information, the community needs to create the database, so it’s unfortunate, but a fact of life. If we want to separate it, then someone needs to spend the time to work through the issue.

Polling will not be performed for channels that are not linked.

It is a matter of personal preference - personally I prefer to create items myself - others like to use simple more - neither is “preferable” as such.