Z-Wave plus devices with "old" Z-Wave controller?


this might be slightly off topic, but

(1) is it possible to include a Z-Wave Plus device with an “old” standard Z-Wave controller? I am looking at an Aeon Labs Multisensor (6th gen) with an existing Z-Wave USB Stick.
(2) will OpenHAB 1.7.1 with its Z-Wave binding be able to “talk” to a Z-Wave Plus device?


Yes - zwave plus is backward compatible, so you can use new zwave plus devices with an old controller, and an old controller with a new zwave plus device. The zwave binding will work with zwave plus devices.

I have the normal Aeon ZWave stick. It is fully compatible, and ZWavePlus devices are compatible with the old ZWave devices. I am using your described configuration.
So I can answer both questions with yes.
But I also have the Z-Wave 4 in 1 Sensor(PHI_PST02-1A) and I am more pleased with it than with the 6in1.
If you don’t desperately need the humidity sensor this might be a good alternative.

Thank you so much for your replies, Chris and Sebastian - this is excellent news!

Sebastian, I had considered the sensor you mentioned, but have had some issues with battery powered devices in the past. The Aeon sensors have the advantage of optional USB powered operations. I am using it to control an AC, so it needs to be (a) reliable and (b) almost “real time” (updates of the sensors at least in 10mins intervals).

Again, thank you for your help!

Hi folks,

out of curiosity, what are the differences between the old protocol and the new one (+)?

Thanks for your support


ZWave plus has more features for network healing, better features for discovery, improved range, lower power (and therefore longer battery)… It’s compatible with the older protocol, just with new / enhanced features.

Most new devices coming out are now using the new chipset.